So I have a few confessions for you today.

#1 I have not unpacked a single box today.  I just don’t know what the deal is but I am so over moving.  I know there is still hope it is only 4 PM but still I feel a little like a slacker.  I just needed some down time, a little me time if you will.  We have been crazy busy and I am struggling with picking out the paint and carpet for my sons room.  My hubby kind of gives a shrug and no opinion so I am sort of on my own with it.  We are going with grey carpeting and yellow walls.  It is a large room so I think with the color combo I can probably get away with a darker shade of grey and hope that it will tone down the yellow.  There are just way to many shades of yellow and  grey and it all feels like such a commitment.  My husband wanted to do blue on the walls but I felt like a soft yellow would be more neutral.  Then if we choose to change the bedding as he grows from his crib (yes still in a crib he hasn’t tried to crib out and for now it works but we will probably transition it soon) or his toddler bed, to the full size bed.  And yellow just really sets off the cherry color of the wood.  He is also obsessed with Cars and so for now I have a feeling that will be the theme, that is until I can get him into something different but I will probably let him pick out something from Pottery Barn when we change it to the full size bed.  Any opinions form you guys?

#2  I am feeling like a horrible wife.  The hubby requested pot roast yesterday and with my mom in town for the night I opted for a Zucchini Lasagna that was a healthier and was delish although he said it needed meat.  Men.  I figured I would make pot roast for dinner tonight.  But with the snow and the little one I really didn’t even think about it until 3 and even though I have all of the ingredients there was no way it could cook for 4 1/2 hours and have it for dinner as we do normally eat before 8 pm.  So it will have to be tomorrow.  The reason I feel so bad about it is that he had this big job interview this morning for a new job that would be closer to home and would add to our income considerably and then he came and took our son off my hands for the afternoon and all he asked for was pot roast.  I have guilt here people and on top of that I now have no plan for dinner so it may very well be left overs.  See horrible wife.

#3 I have this little obsession.  Well it is more like a crush.  I am head over heals in love with James Blunt.  There I said it.  I listen to his music all the time and it never gets old.  I say this because his new album is on presale on iTunes when you order it you get one of the songs right away.   I did so today and have already listened to it 4, no wait it is playing now so that makes 5, times.  I have seen him in concert every time he has been in Michigan, I did miss one concert but it was him opening for Sheryl Crow and was outdoors and I was 9 months pregnant.  I don’t really think that counts.  I am anxiously awaiting the new tour and have told my husband that if he doesn’t come stateside we will be going to England to visit my friend Sarah and see him there.  The hubby is really a good sport about the whole thing and has gone to all these concerts with me.  Watching me turn to a blithering idiot and waiting outside in the cold to see him and have him sign a poster and my ticket.  I am planning on getting them all framed and putting them up in my office as artwork.  So what about you do you have a guilty pleasure or obsession?  If so please share below in the comments.

James Blunt

Well it is now after 4 and I have a dinner to think about.  I will try and let you how my evening turns out.  They say confession is good for the soul and I feel better already.  What about you folks, what is on your mind?  Do you have a deep dark secret you would like to share with the group? Come on you know we are dying to know. 😉


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