Superbowl Commercial is my own personal “Call to Action”

So the Superbowl was last night.  I watched it of course, it was a good game and the commercials were okay, with one stand out for me.  The Chrysler 200 commercial with Eminem featuring Detroit.  I also was taking by the dedication of the players to be at the top of their game and the comments form the coaches.

I was particularly impressed by the post game interview of the coach from the losing Pittsburgh Steelers, Michael Tomlin.  Particularly the fact that he made no excuses for their loss and gave credit to Green Bay for how well they played.  “We’re not in the business of making excuses. We won’t do it.”  as well as stating there were “No moral victories here”.   When he was asked about shaking every mands hand as he walks in to the locker room post game he replied “That’s standard procedure….”  I just found him to be a classy guy.

My hubby was at his annual poker game so after the munchkin was asleep I sat and watched the game with my Twitter family.  I got a tweet that was really cool.

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”- Vince Lombardi

So this morning I got to thinking what the takeaway is.  Yes it’s just a football game but I truly believe for me there was a lesson in there somewhere.  Someone is sending a message.  The thing is I have been a little frustrated with myself.  I know for a fact that I am siting at a huge crossroads right now and what I do over the next couple of months is going to shape the direction of my life.  We have a huge opportunity in front of us right now and in order to take advantage of it we need to increase our families income by a set amount.  At the same time the company I am apart of has just launched a new skin care.  I have marketed a skin care before and had relative success at it and that was with an inferior product line.  I know people will make life changing money with this the question is will I.

I am completely responsible for my success or failure in the next few months.  I guess the issue is that I know certain things need to be done and yet I am failing at doing them.  It always seems like there isn’t enough time in the day or I am super busy with the little guy during the day or the house needs to be cleaned or there is laundry to be done.  Basically everything but what I know needs to happen.  I have all the tools I need, I have been training for this for the last couple years so why am I not just making it happen.  Not sure if it is fear.  Maybe deep down I am scared of failing at this.  Maybe I am not sure if I have it in me again to build another business.  Maybe it’s because the people I thought would be working along side me aren’t doing anything.  One of my favorite speakers Eric Worre of Network Marketing Pro once said that people get hung up on leaving their friends behind.  But if we were in school and you were moved to the fifth grade and your friend wasn’t you wouldn’t stay in the fourth grade to hang out with them.

So I come back to the Chrysler commercial and for me it is more about a car, or some music artist or a city.  Here watch it again….



“It’s the hottest fires that make the hardest steels.  Add hard work, conviction and know-how that runs generations deep in every last one of us.  That’s who we are.  That’s our story.”

So I guess I ask myself what is my story, and I going to quit by doing nothing or am I going to do whatever it takes.  Lets face it I can find the time if I give up TV and the house doesn’t have to be spotless all the time.  There will be time to clean later but the opportunity that is in front of me won’t be this big six months from now.  I guess during the Superbowl I had my own little call to action.  Now the reality of it is I need to act on it and keep this feeling and remember why it is I am doing this all because if I do maybe just maybe the trajectory of my life could be vastly different than if I do nothing.

Keep it real folks. Thanks for listening and helping to keep me honest, putting it in writing makes it more real because now its out there and you all will know if I let myself down.  Now it’s time for me to get to work.