Decisions, Decisions, What to Do? Time to work on those goals.


So I have been a little absent of late.  Trying to decide what to do but knowing the reality is I am procrastinating at doing what I need to do.  I have this list of goals and some of them I have talked about here before.

Goal 1: I need to increase our families income.  Somehow this needs to happen.  I believe I have the tools to do so at this point it is up to the sheer determination on my part and deciding how bad I really want it.

Goal 2: Pay off student loans / debt: So we live credit card free but student loans are debt and there are some left over medical bills from when my husband was laid off.  This all needs to go.  I have this great program I just got called Debt Quencher and have started to use it.  Along with it is another program I highly is MoneyWell – No Thirst Software LLC.  Which is a cool take on the envelope budgeting plan and is available on the iPhone and Mac’s.  So far happy with it all and I will keep you posted on it.  I have also debated starting a challenge a friend of mine is working on.  She isn’t spending any money for a whole month and writing about it in her blog.  Crazy.

Goal 3: Loose weight.  This one is a tough one.  There are so many ways and ideas.  Some work for some people and not for others but the reality I know is calories in calories out.  Sounds simple I get that.  Eat better, Move more.  That is so much easier said than done.  Obviously because there are a lot of overweight people out there.  I have kicked around the idea of starting Weight Watchers but I just don’t know if I even have the time for it.  Then there is the whole will power issue.  I guess I know to many people who have lost weight with it but put most if not more back on.  So I am leaning to a more radical approach.  I have decided to Vegan.  I know huge jump.  I just feel as though this one has been speaking to me for a while though.  I have thought about it on my own.  I watched Food Inc and started buying almost everything local when available.  I am a huge fan of Ellen and when she would talk about her Vegan lifestyle we even started having the vegan tacos she showed on the show.  The best part was they were actually good. She had this guy on who talked about his book Breaking the Food Seduction and I really started to think that was the way to go so I bought it.  Then I never read it.  Recently Oprah did a show about her staff going Vegan for 2 weeks and that was really cool.  So I started to thinking about it even more.  The final straw came yesterday when on PBS I saw this guy talking about loosing weight eating a healthy vegan diet.  I kept thinking that guy looked familiar so today I googled the book and it turned out to be Dr. Neal Bedard.  Yep the same guy who wrote that other book I never read.  Okay, big voice in the sky, universe or whatever I call you, I hear you, I am going to go vegan.  I’m going to put a time limit on it, one month, and commit to it for that time period and see how I feel at the end of it.  After the month is up I may not want to go back or I may want to keep some changes and add some animal products back in.   Now I have my husband on board for a 2 week stint but I just have to convince him for the month.  Then there is the whole guilt thing about cleaning out m fridge and throwing things out.  No matter how much I know it needs to be done.  I will donate what I can but throwing stuff away is gonna hurt.  I’m not a hoarder it just feels wasteful.

Goal 4: Run a half marathon.  This one is a tough one because first I need to learn to love running.  I started to.  I found that Couch to 5K program and had started it.  You can find them online and on Facebook and I think they even have an app.  I also think you could subscribe to their channel on iTunes with stuff for your run.  I had started getting into it and actually was looking forward to my runs and then I broke my foot.  The worst part is I didn’t even break it doing something cool.  I tripped on one of my son’s toys.  Seriously.  So I was on crutches and sedentary for way to long and now I am trying to find the motivation to get back at it.  So I did pick up a new pair of my favorite Nike running shoe the AirMax and a new sensor for my iPhone to track my runs.  When I get going I will post a link so you guys can follow if you wish, yell at me when I don’t if you want or get a ll competitive and challenge me.

I know that if I do all of these things I will be a much happier person.  Which will make me a better mom.  I am just a little overwhelmed and don’t know how to find the time where to start or if I should try to tackle them all at once or not.  Feeling slightly freaked out here people.  That is why I was so glad when a good friend of mine contacted me about a Life Coach she knows who has a great new eProgram.  Which is great because I am so in need of it.  So I am gonna try it and even if it just helps me with one of those goals that will be great.  So look for updates to that coming soon as well.

Have a great day everyone!